The Reaper | Viking Damascus Camping Axe

We’re proudly introducing The Reaper Damascus axe Lightweight (easy-to-carry) design(beautiful)and powerful hand axe suitable for outdoor landscaping, forestry, camping or garden projects.
Our Axe Head-to-handle weight balance is optimal for increasing chopping force and supports more leverage on every swing. our Handle you can easily grab one for your camping endeavors. In head  we used Damascus this way, we made sure it’s made from a very solid metal that is the best material for an axe. but don’t worry easy to keep it sharp.

where can use axe 

 The primary use of an outdoor axe is for chopping wood, whether it’s to create firewood, build shelters, or clear paths. We  are designed Damascus axe with a sharp edge. This is essential for creating kindling or preparing wood for a campfire. With the right skills, an axe can be used for carving wooden implements, like spoons, bowls, and tent pegs. “The Reaper” are valuable tools for building temporary shelters .

Axe head also use for hammer?

Absolutely! You are correct. In addition to using the hammer side of the axe hammer as a traditional hammer, the axe head itself can also be utilized as a hammering tool. The backside of the axe head, opposite the sharp blade, can serve as a makeshift hammer in various situations.
  • Tent Stakes: When you need to set up the tent, you got to set up the tent. With the help of Reaper, you can easily release hits to nail down your tent in the right position or smash things that get in your way.
  • Repairs and Improvisation: In survival situations, you can use our axe For repairs or makeshift construction, such as fixing damaged gear or securing materials together.
  • Basic Carpentry: While it might not be as precise as using a dedicated hammer, the flat surface of the axe head can still be useful for light carpentry work or minor tasks.

Get now for $110 Msrp 185 (40% off)

Get now for $110 Msrp 185 (40% off)